Love ’em or Hate ’em – Caterpillar Tunnels: EP01

In this episode we talk with Taylor and Jake of Footprint Farm ( where we discuss their viewpoint on cat tunnels now that they’ve used them for several years.  Show Notes Some Farms like them and do them well, others not so much! The NRCS High tunnel grant enabled quick upgrades from these cheap structuresContinue reading “Love ’em or Hate ’em – Caterpillar Tunnels: EP01”

The Ag Engineering Podcast – Sample Episode: EP0

Hello friends and farmers! I am excited to share a new idea and am looking for your feedback and support! Today, I am releasing Episode 0 of the UVM Extension Ag Engineering Podcast! This is a short form audio segment on tools, tips, and techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. This is aContinue reading “The Ag Engineering Podcast – Sample Episode: EP0”