Love ’em or Hate ’em – Caterpillar Tunnels: EP01

In this episode we talk with Taylor and Jake of Footprint Farm ( where we discuss their viewpoint on cat tunnels now that they’ve used them for several years. 

Show Notes

  • Some Farms like them and do them well, others not so much!
  • The NRCS High tunnel grant enabled quick upgrades from these cheap structures to nicer infrastructure
  • Leave 3-4 feet of extra plastic width-wise to not end up too short on the edges
  • Cheap clamps work well for keeping the sides scrunched up
  • Rolling (scrunching) the plastic up underneath helps water during rain events bead off the plastic rather than pulling down the sides
  • PVC is too soft for Vermont wind, using EMT came out ahead
  • End walls are worth the effort to build to ease getting in and out of the tunnel

Sources for Cat tunnels:
Farmer’s Friend
Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Considering a cat tunnel? Here is another post from Boostrap farmer to check out. HIGH TUNNEL VS CATERPILLAR TUNNEL: WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

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The Ag Engineering Podcast – Sample Episode: EP0

Hi there, I’m Andy! The host and the face behind the podcast.

Hello friends and farmers!

I am excited to share a new idea and am looking for your feedback and support! Today, I am releasing Episode 0 of the UVM Extension Ag Engineering Podcast! This is a short form audio segment on tools, tips, and techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm.

This is a trial episode to introduce the idea, and give you a feel for what to expect. It is 5 minutes in duration, but I expect future episodes will be 10-20 minute interviews with farmers talking about a specific piece of equipment or farming practice that has changed their farm for the better.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think! If you want to hear more or have a topic idea I’d love to hear it. You can either e-mail me at

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